San Benito plays role in ‘Scandal’ TV episode on tight election

Election workers stay busy at the polling place for Election Day in Hollister. File photo by Nick Lovejoy

San Benito County stole the spotlight on a recent episode of the TV show Scandal, a political thriller.

“In the first eight minutes of the first show of the season, we were mentioned 10 times,” said Assistant County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters Angela Curro by phone Wednesday.

The episode, which aired late last month, focused on a fictional presidential race where the deciding vote came down to California. On a smaller scale, San Benito County decided the state vote with 6,000 swing votes.

“A 6,000-vote swing is way too big for the county,” Curro said. “I must’ve had 20 emails saying, ‘Did you see the show?’ People were asking if this kind of thing happens.”

The county elections department tweeted out a news release related to the show, reminding residents that it’s fictional.

“This just goes to show you that even in a fictional TV show that anybody, any little county, could be the one to make the difference,” Curro said. “Get out there and make a difference. Every vote counts.”

To watch the episode, go here.

The news release reads as follows:

San Benito County was mentioned in a previous episode of the television show ‘Scandal’. Joe Paul Gonzalez, County Clerk Registrar of Voters, would like to remind you that the television series “Scandal” is a fictitious political thriller, the views and opinions expressed do not reflect the official policies or practices of San Benito County. We are however thrilled to be mentioned in a nationally televised show, which demonstrated the importance of voting.

If you are interested in learning about the election process, your local department of elections offers many opportunities to become involved in almost every area of interest. We welcome community participation in a number of areas: community and voter outreach, accessibility surveying, poll worker recruitment, and general election processes. One of the greatest strengths of our democracy is its active participants. Being involved in your local government is a way to serve your community, and ensures transparency, security, and the accuracy of the electoral process.

For information regarding the Department of Elections visit or call (831) 636-4016.

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