Question: BLM push for oil and gas leases

Do you agree with local critics who oppose the federal BLM’s push for oil and gas leases in south county?

Nants Foley The residents in San Benito County spoke with Measure J. It is totally appropriate for our supervisors to craft and deliver a letter to the BLM informing them of our local ordinances. However, I think the BLM will do what it wants, regardless.  Ruth Erickson Ballot Measure J banned risky oil extraction techniques in San Benito County but allowed safer, conventional oil drilling to continue.

David Huboi Yes, as evident from the success of Measure J, the will of the people of San Benito County is that we embrace a new “energy reality” and follow a path of environmental sustainability that frees us from dependence of fossil fuels.

Keith Snow Yes, I oppose. I voted Yes on J. Banning any types of fracking or oil production in San Benito County. I found out that there were still oil projects taking place even after the measure was passed. There’s a list of companies;. I actually posted the list on my Facebook page. Proof of burden. The fact is, it’s hard to find honesty and loyalty these days. We the people do not know what is really going on behind closed doors. I support the people. There’s right from wrong and this is wrong. It is harmful to our water and environment. But, they still will do what they want to do. What I’ve learned about our government is that it’s all about greed and money. I’m not for that. Freedom of speech.

Mary Zanger Indeed, I am one of those “local critics” from San Benito County joining others from Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties brimming the meeting room at San Juan Oaks because water belongs to all Californians and not just to a few investors. I am possessive about wasting (per well) millions of gallons of pure drinking water by polluting it with un-removable toxins. Recklessly this is pumped back into the ground to poison the remaining aquifer thus endangering all species including our own. We can’t drink oil and we can’t breathe natural gas. But we can yoke the sun, wind, waves and volcanic heat for power. Now is the time for saving rather destroying our planet.

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