Question: Does Monday’s shooting signal a need for any changes?

Does Monday’s shooting in downtown Hollister signal a need for any changes?

Cesar Flores NO! I believe that the HPD is doing a good job. This seems like an isolated incident. If the HPD had more personnel, a foot patrol would be a good move.

Nants Foley You can’t stop crazy. I appreciate the amazing job done by our police and sheriff departments. I understand the downtown cameras provided useful images. I think everyone needs to shed a little more light and love on the world. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mary Zanger Yes.  The city needs resources for education, job training, jobs, skills that give hope to hopeless lives.  Obama promised change; that didn’t happen.  Trump promised jobs; that won’t happen.  Change will come about when the whole community can and will work together in spite of the terrible Trump catastrophe!

Keith Snow Yes there should be major changes with more police patrolling without fear how we need to have better public safety for our community. Our city leader should coordinate our city better, yet we should use the tax money wisely to put more police officers on the street?

Ruth Erickson Yes — cameras on San Benito and other main streets, increase police patrol, hiring of more police officers and a crackdown on gangs.

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