Hollister council appoints Gillio to open seat

Hollister council members Monday appointed Jim Gillio to the open seat representing District 4. Gillio is expected to be sworn in on May 1.

Council members conducted a two-hour interview session with the nine applicants, which included Jacob Aguirre, Tim Burns, Adolfo Gonzalez, David Huboi, Robert Marden, Marty Richman, Ashley Sand, William Woodall, and Gillio. Each candidate had 12 minutes to answer six questions on topics such as economic development and local infrastructure.

Once the interviews ended, the council reached three stalemate votes on nominations for Gillio, Richman, and Sand. A second attempt to nominate Gillio resulted in his appointment.

Mayor Ignacio Velazquez thanked the candidates.

“All of you were fantastic,” Velazquez said. “You can see how difficult it was for us.”

Gillio said a few words before the council adjourned to closed session.

“I want to say thank you to all the people who applied,” Gillio said. “I know you all want to represent the district and I heard your ideas. If you have any further ideas, please seek me out. I’ll give you all my phone number. It’s public information now, right?”

He went on to thank city staff and the council. Councilman Ray Friend responded.

“We’ll see what you say at the end of two years,” Friend joked.

Gillio’s term lasts until the next general election in 2018. He wouldn’t be considered an incumbent and would need to run in the election to remain on the dias.

The District 4 seat opened in March when former Councilman Roy Sims abruptly stepped down after moving outside the district. Sims was elected in November to one of four council seats next to the mayor on the dias. The District 4 seat was the only contested council race outside of the mayoral race.

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