San Benito Gives effort set for May 16

Volunteer advocates clockwise from left, Katrina Zapata, Nicole Avila, Esther Curtice, Toni Rinde and Michael Ulibarri listened to a speaker during a training session in 2014 to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate at the Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation for San Benito County, in partnership with BenitoLink and Mission Village Voice, will host the first-ever local day of giving to build a stronger network among nonprofit organizations, donors and San Benito County residents.

On May 16, San Benito GIVES will raise thousands of dollars for participating nonprofits starting at 12 a.m. and continuing for a 24-hour period through a single, online platform, and the goal is to raise $50,000.

This team fundraiser is a great way to connect potential donors to the charitable causes they care about most–to encourage them to invest in our community. Children, seniors, scholarships, animals, women, and the community are all represented by participating organizations, and each nonprofit will be responsible for raising and receiving funds through their own individual page.

The challenge is to increase existing donor contributions and obtain new donors by boosting the level of awareness and engagement in San Benito County, ultimately creating a frenzy of giving throughout the day. This 24-hour online fundraising effort will provide an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives—our friends and neighbors who live, work, and play in San Benito County.

Prize incentives are one of the most effective ways to leverage a large number of unique gifts from donors, helping to maximize earnings. The Community Foundation is excited to announce a total of $10,000 in prize money from an anonymous donor for nonprofits who participate through Team San Benito GIVES–a variety of prize categories will be offered (and advertised) throughout the day. The top prize of $2,500 will be awarded to the nonprofit with the most unique donors.

San Benito GIVES provides an opportunity for donors of all capacities to be involved. Many small donations add up throughout the day and are just as important as one large donation. All donations are tax-deductible and may be made via credit and debit card only. Donations will be received and receipted by the Razoo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, the world’s fastest-growing crowdfunding site for causes.

We hope that you will join us on this day of giving and support the organizations that are participating. More information is available at

The Community Foundation is a leading resource for mobilizing financial resources and community leadership to transform the lives of people in San Benito County. The Foundation supports success by working closely with nonprofits and partnering on key projects and issues for our community. For more information visit our website at

– Sharlene Van Rooy

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