Martin Ranch produces complementary blends


The lushest and most scenic of our region, Martin Ranch Winery is the Garden of Eden of wineries. Complete with its own pond, vegetable garden and acres of vineyards, the winery is tucked among the green hills which surround them.

Like their award-winning wines, Therese and Dan Martin are well-balanced in their winemaking. Therese, with advanced olfactory senses, is considered a super-smeller while Dan, with his superior taste buds, is a super-taster. This contrast leads to Therese’s label, Therese’s Vineyards, and wines made in the Old World style of winemaking and Dan’s label, JD Hurley, with his wines made in the New World style.

Therese’s wines have an intoxicating bouquet. As typical of Old World styles, her wines have a refined elegance; fruit forward and dry. Dan’s wines, on the other hand tend toward the New World style; rich and bold.

The 2014 Therese Vineyards Chardonnay ($35) is uniquely aged in acacia wood barrels; refreshing melon and crisp on the palate. A smoky-soft 2013 Syrah ($29), with a little spice and star anise, is made from Dos Ninas Vineyard grapes in Gilroy.

Dan’s 2013 JD Hurley Merlot ($25.95) won best of class at this year’s San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. With loads of blackberry and spice it is an easy-drinking wine.

Cabernet lovers can choose from either label. The 2011 Therese Vineyards ($49) is a gold medal winner. Bing cherry and smooth tannins provide a taste of earthly heaven.