Question of the Week: 9/1

COMING SOON The location of a former ladies apparel shop at 620 San Benito Street will be transformed into a destination wine room in the heart of Hollister's downtown district. The city council Monday approved an ABC alcohol license for the site.

Hollister City Council recently approved an ABC liquor license for a new wine room downtown. What other types of businesses would you like to see open in the downtown district?


Charlene Hernandez: I think approving this type of establishment is a great idea! We need to fill out downtown with businesses like this. It is hard to say what other places we could use but I think this is a great start.

Nants Foley: Downtowns are vibrant when there are businesses that draw people. We need food, entertainment and things to do. We have got some really good restaurants. I hope the trend continues.

Ruth Erickson: I would love to see businesses open downtown. Unfortunately online shopping and big-box stores have taken over neighborhood shopping in bedroom communities. We used to have a good variety of stores downtown over the years but they have gone and many people moving here from more metropolitan areas continue to shop in their former communities or near where they work out of town.

Keith Snow: I would first like to see speed bumps. Maybe a Starbucks with an outdoor patio and an old fashioned ice cream parlor. A good home cooked burger place, affordable clothing shops and Hollister souvenir shop. When tourists come with the new hotel they can have a place to get knowledge and information about our history.

Brenda Slater: I would love to have a fondue restaurant. The only decent one is all the way in Saratoga. How about a Dylan’s Candy Bar? They offer kids parties, corporate gifts and more.

Frankie Martinez: We need more entertainment and healthy food choices. With all the booming housing projects in Hollister there will be a huge population of youth. If you want to have a bigger town you’re going to have bigger problems with gangs and drug flow, which already exist in Hollister. Something to keep kids off the streets like when we had that arcade or the bowling alley.

Holly Cornetto: Aqui restaurant and a Trader Joe’s. No more fast food. We need places that offer quality and healthy food for reasonable prices.

Wendy Shepherd: A bookstore. I’d love a bookstore downtown like the one in Morgan Hill.

The Question of the Week was delivered in an email and posted on the Hollister Free Lance Facebook page Friday, August 25. Thank you to all who contributed comments.

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