Question of the week 11/3/17

Open enrollment for health care coverage through Covered California starts on Nov. 1. On Capitol Hill there is constant talk of repealing the Affordable Care Act, which could result in millions of people losing their coverage. While in California there is a move towards universal coverage in the state legislature with SB 562.

How should health insurance work in the United States?

Mary Zanger: Health care not health insurance will work in this country for everyone provided confusion is eliminated between healthcare and health insurance. Healthcare for all will whittle one-third off the cost of present health care by eliminating health insurance premiums. That’s what Medicare for all would mean. This program is also known as “single payer” because the government is the single payer who pays for any doctor or any hospital of choice. This would be similar to SB 562 in California. Single payer health care would save money (no insurance to pay) and cover everyone. Beware of the big insurance companies that will fight hard for their big profits.

Keith Snow: They need to find a plan to keep helping the people. I feel we should not take anything away. The President is out of control. Obamacare is the best plan we ever had. Once they take that away we will definitely be in a crisis. The government does not have a plan. All they care about is money. They don’t care about the people. I have insurance but co-pays are still expensive. It’s wrong and they need to re-evaluate what they are doing to the people.

Nants Foley: I think we should move to a single-payer system. Medicare for everyone. But we also need to stop spending so much money at the end of life. Just my opinion.

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