Question of the Week 11/10/17

Question of the Week: Motorists in downtown Hollister continue to ignore four-way stop signs at the intersection of San Benito and Fifth Streets, even after extra stop signs were placed in the middle of the street.

To prevent accidents, SHOULD the city return three-color signals to the intersection, re-install flashing red lights at the stop signs, or leave only the four-way stop signs at this busy intersection?

Here are the responses on the Free Lance Facebook page:

Beto Casas—I wish all of the people complaining about our town would just go back to where they came from and stop messing Hollister up

Brittany Destefanis— The tri color light will cause traffic at that intersection tho because the light behind it on fourth st. Hopefully something gets figured out.

Geno Azevedo— If the stop signs are to remain, just station some police cars in view of the intersection and start making some money for the city off of tickets. Running a red light is a pretty hefty fine and my guess is Hollister could use the money.

Angela Bertero Scarcella— People that ignore a stop sign are dumb. It is literally sitting in the middle of the road. Geez get use to it and stop. Not that hard.

Carol Feisthamel— Put back traffic lights.

Clark Stone— Saying the signs are “ignored” implies that people see them but still decide not to stop. The problem is that they are difficult to see on a congested street that is relatively wide. A flashing red light would be better.

Chester Bennett— Unmarked police, start writing tickets $150.00 a pop. Hit um where it hurts , the pocketbook.

Yesenia Perez Casas— Geez if you can’t see all those STOP signs then your not paying attention to the road.

Linda Atkins— put the traffic lights back

Martin Lopez— Put a cop there and see how quickly people figure it out

Tina Vasconi— They should put it back the way it was. It was dumb to ever change it.

Evely Torres— Why the heck did they install them just to remove them?

Rebecca Arzeta— They should have never taken the light out to begin with.

Damian Espinosa— Surprised a motorcycle cop is not there now being it would be an easy way to meet his quota

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