Meet the 2018 New Year baby

Hollister baby born just two hours into the new year

NEWBORN Parents Sylvia and David Hernandez stand in Hazel Hawkins Hospital with their newborn daughter Ellisha Naomi Hernandez, the first baby born in San Benito County during 2018.

Storks were eager to take flight last weekend as the first baby of 2018 in San Benito County was born only a couple hours into the new year.

Ellisha Naomi Hernandez was born at 2:15am on Jan. 1 at Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital in Hollister to Sylvia and David Hernandez. The newborn is 22 inches long and weighed nine pounds, eight ounces at birth. Dr. Zarin Amin delivered the baby.

“My wife had been thinking about[the name] Ellisha for a long time and Naomi was the perfect middle name to match,” said father David Hernandez.

The newborn baby’s mother, Sylvia, works as an activity aide at the Mabie Southside Skilled Nursing Facility just around the corner from the hospital.

David shared his family’s hopes for their newborn daughter:

“We hope that she’s going to be a healthy girl,” he said. “We hope that she’s going to help the community one day when she can. We’re super thankful to the staff here at the hospital.”

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