Chamber exec leaves for Sausalito

After almost four years on the job, Juli Vieira has decided to step down as the chief executive officer of the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce on May, 25. On June, 1, Vieira will take up a new post as the CEO of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, in Marin County.

“I had a five-year plan to move closer to my children and grandchildren, but over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that plan needed to be moved forward much sooner,” Vieira said. “San Benito County will always be home. My great-grandfather came here in 1859 to work in the local vineyards and my family has been here for many generations, so my heart will always be in Hollister.”

Since Vieira took over the San Benito County Chamber on Oct.1, 2014, she has steadily increased the chamber’s membership, increased the county’s tourism, and has published new business and visitors directories.

Vieira has created new websites for the San Benito Chamber of Commerce and Discover San Benito, and has enhanced the county’s social media presence.

“The Chamber Board of Directors is proud of Juli’s accomplishments as CEO and wishes her the best as she transitions into her new role,” said San Benito County Chamber of Commerce Chairman Victor Gomez.

From farmland to coastlines, Vieira will go from serving a rural county of nearly 60,000 to a town of over 7,000. Sausalito, a town known for sailboats, yachts, tourists and artists, is located on San Francisco Bay just northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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