Hazel Hawkins and Salinas Valley Memorial end partner talks

The negotiating period between Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital has closed with the two healthcare systems deciding against going forward with a formal partnership.

In a joint statement late Friday, the two hospitals said they had agreed to continue to cooperate on behalf of patients.

Hazel Hawkins, located in Hollister, said it will continue “to strategize on how to meet the healthcare needs of a rapidly growing San Benito County.”

Salinas Valley President and CEO Pete Delgado stated that his hospital looks forward to “continuing the cooperative relationship we have developed between our two hospitals over the years” and would “continue to work with Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital to support the needs of the patients in our communities.”

Currently, Hazel Hawkins uses Silicon Valley materials purchasing contracts to receive the larger facility’s economies of scale in purchasing supplies and equipment. Hazel Hawkins will also have access to Silicon Valley education simulation labs for employees to obtain additional expertise and training.

Looking to the future, the Hollister hospital said it plans to continue work toward finding a strong collaborative healthcare partner. Although the district’s finances have improved over the last several months, CEO Ken Underwood believes a partner will help the hospital reach sustainability and grow at the same pace as San Benito County.

“Our community would benefit in many ways through a partnership,” said Underwood. “The board of director’s vision for collaborating with a larger health system is aimed not only at financial heath, but also at enhancing the population health of the community, improving care of chronic diseases, using network platforms for preventative care and wellness, and adapting newer education modules to improve our staff competencies.”

Other top priorities for Hazel Hawkins include enhancing local access to quality specialists and expanding recruitment of high-quality physicians locally. The Hollister hospital said it has a history of being proactive and adapting to meet patient needs–increasing outpatient services such as community health centers, satellite laboratories, and specialty centers.

Today, more than 20 different Hazel Hawkins healthcare facilities serve the community.

About Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital

Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital is a full-service, public agency hospital delivering modern medicine and compassionate care to the growing San Benito County community, offering hundreds of health services across multiple locations, including top-tier specialists, a modern ER, and a state-of-the-art Women’s Center.

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