Which council district are you in?

Angela Curro, assistant clerk for the Registrar of Voters

Hollister votes by City Council districts —and county supervisor districts—which means not every ballot is going to look the same on Nov. 6. You can’t just go to any polling place.

Candidates for City Council will be on the ballot in Districts 2, 3 and 4. The citywide candidates will be mayor and a city treasurer running unopposed. For county races, the supervisors are on the ballot are District 3 and 4. All county residents will also be voting on the race for 30th Assembly. Voters must go to their assigned polling place to get the correct ballot for their district.

How can you find your assigned polling place?

Your polling place will appear on your voter guide that you received in the mail in early October. You can also find your polling place by looking at online resources offered by the county registrar of voters and the Secretary of State.

Here is an interactive map of the districts in San Benito where you can type in your address and find your district:


Another option is typing in some personal information into the Secretary of State election site.


The final tool on the registrar’s site allows you to type in your address to find your polling place and the local candidates and ballot measures you will be voting on.


What happens if you don’t go to your assigned polling place?

If on election day you go to the incorrect polling place, you have two options. With the new electronic voter check-in devices, the election officers will be able to print and text you directions to your correct polling place. There you will be able to fill out the correct ballot. If you get to the incorrect polling place just before the polls close at 8pm and don’t have time to get to your correct polling place, the election officers will issue you a provisional ballot. The provisional ballot may not have your full list of candidates for your district, but after being verified it will count in the election.

Can you drop a vote-by-mail ballot at any polling place?

Yes, you can drop your vote-by-mail ballot at any polling place. If you decide that you’d like to vote in person on the day of the election, you can go to your polling place and surrender your ballot. If the system shows that your ballot has not yet been received, you will be allowed to vote.

If a voter gets to an assigned polling place and is not registered, what are his or her options?

If you aren’t registered to vote and come to find out the day of the election, you can go to the county election office and cast a conditional ballot registering to vote the same day. The election officers at your polling place will be able to check your registration and if you don’t have time to make it to the county office you will be given a provisional ballot.

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