A store for all seasons

COLLECTIBLES Shoppers can find unique items at Visions including angels, quality candles and home decor. Photo: Jenny Arbizu

Along Third Street, San Juan Bautista’s cozy, old-town main avenue, locals and tourists alike can find themselves in front of famous Mexican restaurants and unique gift shops.

One of these gift shops stands out among the others, especially during the winter months and holiday shopping season. Known for its holiday-themed decor and items, Visions of Christmas has captivated shoppers for 32 years.

But don’t be misguided by the store’s name: Visions is revered for its collectible angels and quality candles, and shoppers can also find unique items such as its Disney-themed cookie jars, vintage jewelry (bracelets, brooches, necklaces and earrings) and home decor.

Owner Barbara Gonzales says even though the Christmas items were once a part of the store’s draw, its theme has now expanded.

“We carry all-holiday items, all year-round,” says Gonzales, who is considering changing the  store’s name from Visions of Christmas to just Visions soon.

Visions of Christmas is located at 108 Third St. in San Juan Bautista and is open Monday through Sunday from noon-5pm, with extended hours during the holidays. For more information, call 831.623.2115.

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