Hollister granted $200K for street planning

The city of Hollister announced a $259,768 grant from Caltrans as a part of Sustainable Communities Strategy transportation planning grant.

In a Feb. 11 announcement, the city said will contract a consultant to complete a street study for Buena Vista Road, Santa Ana Road, Meridian Street and Memorial Drive. Hollister will host a series of community input meetings June 2019. The public comments will be used to set a vision for the roads being studied.

“Completes streets are designed and operated to enable safe access of the transportation network by all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders regardless of age and abilities,” read the press release. “The planning grant will also examine safe movement of freight on Buena Vista Road, Santa Ana Road and railroad crossings at Meridian and Fourth Streets.”

After the plan is completed, it will be used to go forward on a series of infrastructure improvements on the areas studied—projects like bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, Safe Routes to School components, placement of shade trees and safety concerns.

The press release urges those interested in participating in community workshops to contact the Hollister Development Services Department at (831) 636-4316, ext. 16 or by email at [email protected]

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