Panetta gets role in leadership

Second-term congressman Is named assistant whip for Dems

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Jimmy Panetta announced Feb. 19 that he has been appointed to serve as an assistant whip for the 116th Congress.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to shape and advocate for policies that will help my community on the Central Coast of California and those like it around the nation,” said Panetta, whose district includes half of Gilroy and all of San Benito County.

“I’m pleased that Congressman Panetta will be joining my Whip team as an assistant whip for the 116th Congress,” said Majority Whip James E. Clyburn.

“Congressman Panetta will play a critical role in my Whip operation, helping us ensure that every voice of the most diverse caucus ever is heard as we consider legislation to move our country in a positive direction. I look forward to working with Congressman Panetta to ensure that Democrats deliver on their promise to advance an agenda that will have a positive impact on Americans’ everyday lives.”

“I believe that we can make a real difference for working families and address crucial issues like fixing our broken immigration system, making our communities safer, ensuring affordable and accessible health care, and investing in infrastructure this Congress,” said Panetta in a statement. “I am grateful to Whip Clyburn for this responsibility, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance priorities that will help foster prosperity for all of our communities.”

Assistant whips are responsible for helping the Whip get an accurate read on where members of a party caucus stand on certain pieces of legislation. They work with members of the party caucus to answer any questions or address any concerns that members have with upcoming bills.

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