HSD staff received 2.5% pay raise

Hollister School District’s Classified Employees Association and Hollister Elementary School Teachers Association came to separate agreements that were ratified by the board of education at a June 18 meeting.

The certificated and classified staff each received a 2.5 percent pay increase to the salary schedule, according to the tentative agreements.

The certificated increase is retroactive to July 1, 2018 and will be an extra $667,500 to the HSD budget. With the 2.5 percent raise, an elementary school teacher’s salary jumps from a range of $49,655 to $99,216 to a range of $50,896 to $101,696 based on the 2018-19 salary schedule.

The classified pay hike, along with changes to two resource specialist program position, has a total impact of $341,000 to the budget. A custodian’s salary, with raise, jumps from $14.49 to $14.85 per hour.

There is also an increase to the district’s health and welfare benefit contribution from $15,639 to $16,666, according to the report.

Other negotiated terms for the certificated employees (i.e. teachers) are that each employee will start each school year with 10 new personal necessity days, and instructional minutes will not exceed 53,128 for transitional kindergarten through third grade, 55,032 for grades 4-5 and 64,790 for grades 6-8.

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