San Benito welcomes new teachers

San Benito High School welcomed 19 new teachers to the staff for the 2019-20 school year. The teachers worked together during a weeklong orientation Aug. 5-9, in which they received professional development on lesson planning, teaching strategies, classroom management and learned about the school’s “Baler Strong” philosophy. 

The new teachers were introduced to the entire staff during a Welcome Back In-Service event, were welcomed during the board of trustees meeting Aug. 13 and were announced at the school’s kickoff rally in Andy Hardin Stadium Aug. 16.

Teacher Support Program Induction Coordinator Kathy Picchi led the new teachers through team-building activities with a highlight on personal narrative presentations. The teachers wrapped up their week with a lunch at Fisher’s restaurant with administrators, division chairs, and members of the board of trustees. SBHS culinary teacher Mike Fisher prepared the food, and former Baler students served the teachers.

“Thank you so much for putting on an event like this,” one new teacher said. “After talking with friends from other schools who did not get something like this to help them, I feel a lot more confident in being part of this school.” 

The district welcomed new classified staff members, including Kaycee Day (principal’s secretary), Jesse Esqueda (aquatics, athletics and PE complex maintenance technician), Dawn Honeycutt (secretarial center clerk), Marissa Valadez (accounting clerk), and special education instructional aides Brent Bonura, Naomi Sands and Stephanie Montezuma.

The new teachers and their subject matter are:

  • Rebecca Caladio (English)
  • Crystal Zavala (English)
  • Chelsea Faria (CTE agriculture)
  • Emily Herzog (CTE agriculture)
  • Nicole Alvarez (math)
  • Madeline Frederickson (math)
  • Jesus Claro (math)
  • Alysia Taormina (science)
  • Haley Vlastelicia (science)
  • Dan Brown (physical education)
  • Kristina Peterson (physical education)
  • Karla Fernandez (Spanish)
  • Anthony Libit (American Sign Language)
  • David Bunton (modified physical education)
  • Anthony DelReal (special education STEPS)
  • Jennifer Dudley (special education SDC English)
  • Natalie Kumura (special education SDC social science)
  • Aisling Maher (special education life skills)
  • Brianna Teimoorian (speech and language pathologist)

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