Students recite poems in competition

TOUGH COMPETITION Poetry Out Loud winner Kayla Salazar of San Benito High School recites “Battle Hymn of the Republic” by Julia Ward Howe during Poetry Out Loud at Anzar High School on Jan. 30. Photo: Erik Chalhoub

Students battled nerves and verses as they competed in the fifth annual Poetry Out Loud at Anzar High School on Jan. 30.

San Benito High School freshman Kayla Salazar came out on top in the poetry recitation competition that included Grace Baldwin, Clara Guzman and Angelo Hillstock from San Benito High, and Santino Leahy, Sarah LeBaron and Geronimo Viveras of Anzar High School. Salazar advances to the California State Poetry Out Loud contest in Sacramento in March.

The local competition was presented by the San Benito County Arts Council in partnership with San Benito High School, Aromas-San Juan Unified School District and the San Benito County Office of Education.

Angelo Hillstock of San Benito High School recites “After the War” by Rachel Galvin. Photo: Erik Chalhoub


  1. WOW… I am retired ES teacher and always gave my students a (thematic) poem/week (2-6 gr) They were required to READ out loud to class and given option to do from memory for “extra credit”. Was I DELIGHTED and surprised on a field trip… they did not know the song initiated by another class on the bus. I started reciting the first line of a recent poem. They immediately started ‘choral reciting’ the rest of the poem and continued on to others.

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