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April 8, 2020

Tag: bruce lewis

Bruce Lewis: Aim for the green, not the hole

A logical way to make more birdies is to simply have more birdie attempts. And the key to more attempts is to hit more greens in regulation.

Bruce Lewis: The head changes a golfing stroke

This is an old tip that someone reminded me of several weeks ago. Many golfers tilt and turn their heads while at the address position. This is an issue because golfers tend to start their back swing in the same direction their heads are tilted.

Bruce Lewis: Learning golf from Buster Posey

We can learn balance and posture for our golf swing from other sports. In golf, the address position is a very athletic ready position. In the position, golfers bend at their hips and knees while keeping their back straight. Weight should be balanced on the balls of golfer’s feet.

Bruce Lewis: Soft hands are the key to a good golf...

The Police and Fire golf Olympics were held from June 16 through June 24 in three San Diego-area courses. Syucan Golf and Country Club in Chula Vista, Riverwalk Golf and Country Club in El Cajon and Friars Golf Club in San Diego all hosted different tournaments.

Bruce Lewis: Correct grip pressure is vital to a swing

With the Fourth of July having passed by this week, many golfers asked why golf courses do not use American flags on each hole to celebrate the holiday. Although the course would like to use American flags on all patriotic holidays, we can’t. Golfers lay the flag pole - with the flag - on the ground while putting.

Ridgemark to discontinue memberships, open fully to public

After nearly 40 years of memberships at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club, change is coming to the once-community-owned golf course.

Bruce Lewis: Keep your heel close to the ground

High Heels aren’t allowed on the golf course. I’m not talking about the dress code on the course, but a way to help you hit the ball further. Many golfers lose distance when they lift their heel too high off the ground on their back swing. Some ladies — and quite a few beginners — lift their heel until only the toe of their shoe is on the ground.

Bruce Lewis: Finding the right stance shouldn’t be hard

Golfers must thing they are Superman or the Hulk because when I ask my students to keep their feet shoulder-width apart, their feet are about four-feet wide.

Bruce Lewis: Practice like a banker

When you golf, think about your practice time as making deposits and playing time as withdrawals from your golfing account. Make big deposits with good practice sessions and fixing troubled shots.

Bruce Lewis: Using the stripe will fix a golfer’s game

Using the stripes on range balls when practicing is a very useful tool.