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April 11, 2021

Tag: kosmicki

Kosmicki: Nightmare realized at flood scene, but a passerby stops

My worst nightmare growing up in a shabby, two-story Milwaukee condominium complex had me walking down a small staircase leading to our basement. Through an open space under the railing, someone or something would grab me and pull me in toward our nearby crawl space. I know—horrifying—and it reoccurred regularly.

Kosmicki: Avera letters blatantly support tax using public resources

Connect the dots, practically, and it’s incomprehensible to deny that Hollister City Manager Bill Avera campaigned—with use of taxpayer resources—in support of the proposed Measure W sales tax extension on the Nov. 8 ballot.

News Analysis: Wall Street, market forces sank project

In a July county board meeting, Supervisor Anthony Botelho launched into one of his periodic tirades about overbearing state regulations, from the Fish and Wildlife agency, causing harm to the local economy. In this case, that harm was more akin locally to an economic shipwreck, with Atlanta-based Pulte Group pulling out of its highly desirable Del Webb community at San Juan Oaks Golf Club.

Kosmicki: Sports media stumble with Green-Adams strife

More than three decades after late broadcaster Howard Cosell’s national admonishment for describing a Washington Redskins running back as “little monkey” during Monday Night Football, our imperious national sports media gave Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams an inexplicable pass for the same stupidity.

Kosmicki: Craving more restaurants in Hollister

A certain craving usually hits every couple weeks, normally in the late afternoon after the 78th or so time passing a certain restaurant’s sign since my last gorging.

Kosmicki: Our inside-out approach to commerce

Getting out of town a few days, reality hit me like a dirty ice ball to the face: We’re totally off base with our approach to commercial growth in San Benito County, and the Recession Clock is ticking while the broader economic recovery possibly winds to a close.

Kosmicki: Final dash to the mussels

This is the final column in a three-part series. In the previous two, set in post-apocalyptic Hollister, a mad dash ensues for the last plentiful water and food source on earth. To reach San Justo Reservoir, home of world ruler Mollusk Face, I must cross Hollister’s ravaged roads and outrun its maniacal drivers. To this point, heading east on Hillcrest Road toward the bypass, I’ve survived toxins from the city’s poisoned Dump Lake; a wading pool-deep, pothole-induced rollover; crazed van and pickup drivers; condors picking at my lifeless body; and a wild pig attack.

Kosmicki: Mad Driver on Rowdy Roads

Note: This is part two in a three-part series.

Kosmicki: Surprise comedy roast of Steve Kinsella

With longtime Gavilan College President Steve Kinsella planning to retire after the school year, loyal disciples will lead him to the Hollister Elks Lodge after graduation May 27. There, he will expect a brief honor from local Elk people and maybe some Folgers in a Styrofoam cup. Instead, he will face a coordinated roast.

Kosmicki: Masquerade for the Money

If Hollister council members hand out a hundred grand in taxpayers’ money to their favorite nonprofit groups, they might as well class up the selection process and assess potential recipients through a series of tests played out on every local do-gooder’s home court—the dining room and lounge at San Juan Oaks Golf Club.