County supervisors Tuesday received an update on local flooding related to recent rainfall, with an emergency services official telling the board that both rain and a failing levee caused damage set to cost “millions” of dollars.
Recent regional rainfall broke yearly averages and even set a new wave height record in the Monterey Bay region.
County supervisors Tuesday morning will receive an updated report on flooding related to Pacheco Creek.
The San Benito County Office of Emergency Services Friday afternoon issued an evacuation for the Lovers Lane area.
The San Benito County Office of Emergency Services on Friday afternoon issued an evacuation for the Lovers Lane area, and a supervisor reported a possible second breach in the area.
County supervisors received a local flooding report Tuesday during a special meeting.
The following are the top stories of the year in San Benito County:
Hollister officials in recent months have talked about the annual motorcycle rally carrying a total cost of $180,000, but city records show a 2016 tab of just over $168,000, according to documents obtained by the Free Lance.
A 2-2 stalemate vote at city council’s special meeting Monday leaves the future of the Hollister Airshow uncertain and, perhaps, in the hands of the incoming council member.
Hollister Airmen’s Association is proudly celebrating its 70th anniversary of serving the Hollister Municipal Airport and local community since 1946. The organization has worked with many groups on special projects, events and educational endeavors, and volunteered thousands of hours over those years.

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