Tacos. Everyone has a favorite style of taco, perhaps two or three. Some enjoy a simple crunchy-shelled fast food style. Others enjoy something traditional with a few ingredients. A few enjoy tacos with a little fusion of another culture’s culinary influence. One of my favorites - of which there are many - is a specific taqueria or street-style taco. It is the featured recipe this week, and with a little adaptation from how it is commonly made, is quite easy to replicate at home.
With the 31st annual Gilroy Garlic Festival coming up next
Nearly a year ago, members of two historic South Valley churches embarked on an exciting adventure. The Gilroy United Methodist Church (7600 Church St.) and the Morgan Hill United Methodist Church (17175 Monterey Road) began sharing co-pastors.
If you are running for public office, the safest stance is to say, “I can make a difference” – assuring voters that there are better prospects ahead – but the truth is that it is hard to be optimistic about the future of San Benito County. Some residents will have a good life, but we are unlikely to prosper as a community unless we reject the same old methods being put forward by incumbents and candidates that always result in the status quo; frankly, we can't afford it.
Q: I have a guinea pig whose toenails are starting to curl. Should I bring him in to the vet or can I cut these nails myself?
Kelly R., from San Martin, had a great question for this week's column. She asks, “What do you mean by ‘custom’ decorating?”
Straight, standard keyboards are just fine for most people. However, you should consider a split keyboard if placing your hands on a standard keyboard causes any of the following:
The inaugural 5K Ranch Romp Mud Run debuted May 5 at the Pepper Tree Ranch in Hollister, where 1,675 foolhardy athletes conquered 10 obstacles on the vineyard’s premises.
Peg and I had a great time at the taste of Morgan Hill. Thanks to so many of you that stopped to talk cars and pets with me at the car show. Yes, that was our 1956 VW truck that was there Saturday. We had so much fun with everyone and we’re already looking forward to the next “Taste.” Maybe we’ll see you there next year. Now let’s get down to business.
I often tell players that golf in it's simplest sense is this:

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