Two weeks ago, the Hollister School District appointed an individual to its board of trustees to fill a vacancy. One of the four candidates applying for the position ran for school board in the 2014 election and although she did not win, she did very well. With her application, this candidate provided multiple letters of reference from community groups. Someone gave an eloquent speech on her behalf. There were several members of the public, parents, present at the meeting with signs supporting the candidate.
A previous editorial chided local government for its lack of effort at marketing the Pinnacles National Park and that the “economic behemoth” that is our nation's newest national park is being neglected, under advertised and generally ignored by the business sector and government.  The reality is that benign neglect would be preferable to what may be in store for the park if the development of oil and gas resources is allowed in San Benito County. Over 100 years ago, the Pinnacles gained protection from miners and resource interests intent on despoiling this priceless natural wonder. The park, with its host of unique rock formations and species, is once again in danger but this time the danger is posed by an external threat.  
I strongly oppose Measure J because it is a bait and switch initiative based on junk science and it’s bad public policy that could open the county to millions of dollars in lawsuits and payments.
In response to Kate Woods fractured fairy tale article "Do You Know Your Mineral Rights", Ms. Woods could not be more incorrect if she tried...and she tried pretty hard. I have opposed Measure J since I learned of the idea in January of this year. Yes, I was alarmed about Ms. Woods public claims that 'fracking will poison our water' back then, so I did some research. And after writing multiple letters and articles in the local press about water, petroleum production and my opposition to Measure J, I don't consider myself 'tellingly silent'.
Two recent articles in the Hollister Free Lance (A State Stink Over Walgreens and Viewpoint: Leaders Must Unite) portrayed only one side of the issue about the City of Hollister's desire to approve a Walgreens store on the corner of Highway 25 and Tres Pinos Road. To clarify, we want to give readers an opportunity to hear the rest of the story.
State law AB1266 affects all California students K-12. It mandates that any child be allowed to use any currently-segregated facility such as bathrooms based on their perceived sexual identity, regardless of their actual physical sex. This bill has already been quietly signed by our governor and will take effect in January.
Hollister City Councilman Doug Emerson submitted this letter to the editor. Look back for a story on the matter.
Wasn’t sure who to vote for mayor of Hollister. Thought we needed someone young enough to be reelected each time.
Mr. Thompson's letter (September 14) regarding plans to reroute

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