What a breath of fresh air it was for me to hear our chairperson of the board of supervisors at the opening of the New Year. Mr. Rivas gave a brief but compelling presentation of his hopes and aims for the New Year for San Benito County residents. He is a most articulate and rational spokesperson for his philosophy of county government and his aims for this county. Most of all he is a person that speaks clearly, simply and truthfully and from a genuine commitment to the well being of the people of San Benito County. He is a supervisor we can TRUST.
I am not accustomed to responding to every story that appears in the Free Lance, especially when said story is a personal hit-piece on a person or related issue. However, since Mr. Kosmicki has made me the target of questionable city travel and expenditures, I will attempt to enlighten the subject matter by simply stating that the approved city budget includes city council training, something which I personally and professionally follow and abide by.
In the Gavilan College Measure E performance audit for the year ending June 30, one question has not been adequately answered: How did the auditors conclude that Gavilan College was in compliance with Prop. 39 and that they expended the bond funds only for the authorized and specific projects contained in the full text ballot proposition that was presented to the voters March 2, 2004?
Thank you, Marty Richman, for the well-researched and revealing article on the Gavilan College debacle.
In 2004, the voters of the Gavilan Joint Community College District passed Measure E, providing funds to renovate and expand the Gilroy campus and purchase land for future campuses at the northern and southern ends of the district. The work on the main campus was completed just this year. Land was purchased in both Coyote Valley and San Benito County for future campuses, and habitat mitigation is almost complete at both sites. Phase one of the Coyote Valley development is now under construction.
After a total expense of more than $287,000 from the Landfill-Solid Waste Fund and months of serious, but ultimately unnecessary, angst among the neighbors, San Benito County’s much ballyhooed Resource Recovery Park exists in name only.
As the Super Bowl 50 has been played and the NFL season comes to a close with the Denver Broncos being crowned the champions of the league, the fans beginning to look forward to the next season’s major roster changes and news of what players have decided to retire.
As we begin 2016, I’d like to share with everyone an update on what has been going on in the City of Hollister and what the plans are for the future. I believe that this year, 2016, is the year that we can finally move to the next phase of improving our existing infrastructure, quality of life projects and growing our economic picture that will benefit our community for years to come.
Recently I was sent a flyer asking how I felt about giving away more money because someone figured out I just have too much. Of course it was in the form of a tax. This tax would be used to fix potholes, improve safety, make Highway 25 better, make other roads better, move money around, pay for unfunded liabilities, who knows.
I want to respond to Mark Dickson’s commentary, “Doubts on a tax idea”. The proposed half-cent sales tax recommended by the Council of San Benito County Governments for voter consideration in June is the result of a comprehensive study by staff to address existing roads that need improvement. The COG Board is comprised of: Chair Tony Boch; Vice Chair Ignacio Velazquez; and Directors Anthony Botelho, Victor Gomez and Jerry Muenzer representing the cities of Hollister, San Juan Bautista and San Benito County. The COG board unanimously supports the proposed countywide half-cent sales tax to improve and maintain existing roads in the county.

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