There was no April fools going on. It was no joke when an older man was speeding down Sunnyslope one morning and rear-ended my vehicle, causing it to spin and end up on the opposite side of the road, totaling it. My car is a material thing, but LIFE is not. Life is precious; we cannot take that for granted. I have been saying this over and over; too many cars are speeding down Sunnyslope and cross streets. There is no traffic control in this area, and this is not the first accident. We need to do something about this. My niece is traumatized and is in very much pain after this unfortunate accident that took place.
The late Yogi Berra, 15-time Major League Baseball All-Star, once famously said: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” We have come to the fork and local roads are the issue. Measure P is a proposal for a half-cent countywide sales tax to repair deteriorating city and county roads and, eventually, make major highway improvements locally.
I first met Sam Farr in 2002 when I was the lead reporter for the now dead Pinnacle weekly, based in Hollister. I was doing a story on yet another election year for our elected representatives and wannabe representatives.
When County Supervisor Robert Rivas proposed increased government transparency upon assuming the chairmanship of the San Benito County Board of Supervisors the idea had my full, unqualified, support. However, he has pulled a classic bait and switch.
This is in response to the “City places dogs before humans with local parks” article that appeared in the March 18 Free Lance. The article was noted to be submitted by the Community Insight Board, which claims to be an independent panel of volunteers.
A bad decision regarding the selecting and financing of energy programs can cost you a lot of money, make selling your home more difficult and, under certain circumstances, it might even lead you to default on your tax bill, and that’s an expensive proposition.
I read with interest the article in the San Jose Mercury News regarding the leasing of 27 acres for commercial development by Evergreen Valley College. The persons who wrote the article live in the San Jose ­ Evergreen Community College District. They felt that this decision would have long-lasting, negative impacts on Evergreen Valley College. They cited many legitimate concerns for opposing this lease. It is ironic that the leasing of these 27 acres will also have a long lasting negative impact on the voters/taxpayers of San Benito County. Because the police academy was located on the 27 acres, the academy would have to relocate to another location.
The benefits of recording school board meetings are minor compared to the value of what can be achieved by actually attending meetings and voicing your opinion to the school board members who need to hear from you before they act on matters. Listening to the recording is listening to ancient history; the school board has already made a decision. You will hear the school board talk, but they will not hear you.
I had to laugh out loud regarding the article about insurance monsters. The voting public created them and put them on steroids with Obamacare. It’s about time the public is suffering the consequences of it’s actions. For some reason, people equate insurance with access to health care. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I just want to talk about the tax hike. I feel it’s unfair to keep raising taxes whenever they please.

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