The playoff seeds and match ups for this year's California Community College Athletic Association Northern California Regional baseball playoffs have been released.
GILROY—Bryant Cid was one of several Gavilan College baseball players who returned this season looking to take care of some unfinished business. A year ago, the Rams started the season strong only to taper off toward the end and miss their shot at the playoffs.
Cabrillo scored three runs in the bottom of the first and that's all it needed to top Gavilan. 
After one semester at Hawaii Pacific University, Cassidy Heen came home to Hollister, heartbroken and devastated.
Kevin Burley went six years without playing the game of baseball.
After winning five straight games, Gavilan is sitting pretty at the top of the Coast Pacific Conference. 
Gavilan College's Kevin Burley was on fire Tuesday. 
Taylor Fabing was so homesick during her freshman year at Pima Community College that she almost came back home to Hollister in October 2013.
Throughout his baseball career, Brandon Granger has always been in the background, looking for any opportunity to shine.
After giving up three runs in the first inning, Gavilan scored two in the ninth to win 5-4 and sweep conference leader Ohlone.

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