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County: Impostors made political phone calls

Officials have received numerous complaints

San Benito County employees have not been calling local residents to urge them to vote a certain way in the Nov. 3 election, despite what some voters have reported in recent complaints, according to county officials.

County officials have received complaints from numerous residents regarding callers identifying themselves as “county employees,” asking the residents to vote in favor of items in the current election, reads a press release from San Benito County.

“San Benito County has found no evidence that county employees are involved in any of these reports,” says the press release. “County employees are barred from such activities in their official capacity.”

Nevertheless, all county employees have received a copy of the Political Activity Policy as a refresher, county staff said. This policy is reinforced in the county’s Personnel Rules and Regulations and the Electronic Communications policy as well as the Personnel Ordinance.

“With the upcoming elections, this memo shall serve to inform or remind all County employees that political activity shall be kept out of the workplace to the extent permitted by law,” reads the memo sent to all county employees. “No County resources (including conducting activity on County work time) shall be used to perform any type of political activity to the extent permitted by law.”

The memo goes on to list specific political activities that are prohibited while county employees are on official business.

County staff said residents who receive such phone calls in the future are encouraged to note the date, time and the phone number (if displayed) of the caller. Those seeking more information or who want to file a complaint can visit the Fair Political Practices Commission website at