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Energy efficiency projects prompt big savings

Openings for citizens bond oversight committee

POWER PARKING Solar panels were added to the roof of the Baler Alley parking lot at San Benito High School.

San Benito High School’s energy conservation program, which has included the installation of efficient LED lighting throughout campus, upgrades to HVAC systems and the installation of solar photovoltaic panels in the Baler Alley parking lot on the north side of campus, has resulted in savings to the school of just under $114,000, school officials reported this month.

That figure was calculated prior to the solar panels going online, which is expected to provide additional cost savings, according to district staff

Climatec, which has been working on the energy-efficiency measures throughout campus, reported to the Board of Trustees that counting Prop. 39 funding and Clean Renewable Energy Bond, the district has made more than $6.3 million in total infrastructure and renewable improvements, with an anticipated lifecycle savings of more than $13.3 million, including net General Fund relief in the first five years of more than $1 million.

The energy conservation project is expected to reduce annual electric consumption on campus by nearly 1.6 million kilowatt hours.

Students help alum

The San Benito High School Associated Student Body has selected an alum to be this year’s beneficiary, for whom students will work with the community to raise money in their time of need.

The students selected Eddie Matthews, who has been in a coma since an ATV accident less than a month ago. Eddie and his wife, Brittany, are Baler alumni and have a 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

“The students listened attentively to nominees’ stories and conducted a heartfelt and mature discussion regarding the nominees,” said Student Activities Director Catalina Lemos. “It was an extremely difficult decision, as it is every year. I wish you could see how seriously they take this decision. I am so impressed with our student leaders.”

More information will be shared about the Benefit Drive efforts throughout the year as San Benito High School students partner with the community to help the Matthews family, according to staff.

Oversight volunteers sought

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, an appointed board of community members who provide oversight of the expenditures of voter-approved San Benito High School bonds, Measures G and U, will have openings as of January 2019 as a number of the two-year terms are expiring.

The committee, which includes members of a taxpayers’ organization, a business organization, a senior citizens’ organization, an at-large member, a parent or guardian and PTA members, actively reviews and informs the public about the expenditure of Measure G and U proceeds.

Applications must filled out and returned to the office of the superintendent, on the second floor of the main administration building, 1220 Monterey St. in Hollister.