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Large tree limb crashes onto parked car in Nob Hill lot

The car is barely visible under the branches.

A giant tree limb crashed down onto a parked car in the Nob Hill parking lot Thursday afternoon, while nobody was in the vehicle at the time.
That large tree limb fell on the car around 1 p.m. Thursday, though it was immediately unclear why the branch snapped near the Airline Highway entrance to the parking lot.
Hollister firefighters responded to the accident and secured the scene with the help of shopping carts propping up security tape, creating a circle around the tree and three cars parked nearby. The car that took a direct impact from the tree was that of a Nob Hill employee.
Firefighters planned to cut down the entire tree Thursday afternoon to prevent another possible accident, said fire Capt. Kenny Melin.
“The only precaution we can take right now is to make sure everything’s a good distance away from it in the collapse zone,” Melin said.
Melin speculated that it might have been a heavy branch causing the fall.
“It’s too bad the tree has to come down because it was a nice tree,” Melin said.
Nob Hill Manager Randy Upchurch was on scene. He wasn’t sure exactly how long the tree had been there, but thought it was more than 20 years. It was the first time he had known about that type of incident there.
“We’re going to take the tree down, it looks like,” he said. “They’re on the way. We want to get this taken care of.”