Letter: In with the new…

Re: Out with the old, Free Lance 1/14/22

Not everything old is an old Christmas tree, but what a good idea it is to get rid of everything old.  For instance, just because we enjoyed a couple of downpours in December we can forget about conserving water but we can’t because abundant water is an old idea. So, out with the old.

Shawn Novack, in his piece, “Drought is not over until it’s over,” writes to tell us that weather forecasts indicate a dry spell for the remainder of the rainy season. The careless use of water is an old idea so let’s embrace the better new idea of water conservation.

It looks like the housing idea is new because there are so many newly built homes causing rapid growth in our town. But we live in a free country where everyone has a right to a home. A new idea would be to control the home building. For instance, prioritize building within the city limits to avoid sprawl. Apparently, it would be a new idea to support affordable housing and low income housing because those are our most needed types of housing.

Building large homes looking like castles on agricultural land is old. Preserving food growing land while building homes affordable by workers is new. 

Gov. Newsom’s new budget supports the new idea of building affordable units across the state. A community stable workforce in place is new as businesses move where workers are available.

Stable workers entice new manufacturing. New manufacturing produces new forms of energy. Electrical energy from coal is old. Renewable energy from sun and wind is new. Manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines is new.  

Anti-vaccine is old propaganda; booster shots of vaccine are new. Get a booster. It is old for children to be unvaccinated because now it is new to vaccinate children over five years old. Vaccination of children makes schools safer.

Let’s really be out with the old and in with the new to prove we are truly a free people to grow a stable community for all us to enjoy health, food, homes and jobs. 

Mary Zanger, Retired Pharmacist