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Letter: Selective reporting on the Brown Act

COG’s Directors violate the Brown Act’s requirements time and again, year after year, even after the taxpayers sued them to stop, and even after we asked the Grand Jury to do something about it, and even after I got the AG’s opinion (not a newspaper association’s attorney’s opinion) that the JPAs (joint power authorities) had to comply with the Brown Act, and even after the VTA’s G.M.’s letter was published in your newspaper (in Hollister even though VTA has no legal standing in SBC), but you ignore it and then write about the Gavilan College Trustee’s alleged Brown Act violation one time?

In proportion to the amount of money being taken from the taxpayers, small in the case of the Junior College President’s salary, humonguous in the size of the subsidies doled-out by the unconstitutional COG directors, I don’t understand.

What prompts you to write about a miniscule violation when you have the perennial unconstitutional criminal corruption before you by unelected (appointed) JPA directors?

 Can you please explain your conduct?

Joseph P. Thompson, Tres Pinos