Letter to the editor: Outrage at vaccine mandate

Open letter to Gavilan College Board of Trustees:

I am outraged and appalled to learn that your Board is actively considering imposing a Covid-19 vaccine requirement on all Gavilan College students. I am especially outraged that you would extend this requirement to teenage children attending GECA on the Gavilan campus.

You should know that mandating an experimental vaccine is totally unlawful. This is well-established law, both in America (21 USC 360bbb-3) and even under the Nuremberg standards of international justice. You can and will be sued for taking such an illegal action. 

On a personal level, I am shocked and saddened that so-called stewards of the interests of students would impose a vaccine mandate on young people. As you well know, teenagers are the least impacted by the virus and the least likely to become seriously ill.

Yet, some young people—especially young males—are suffering serious side effects from the vaccine, like myocarditis. There are also reports of blood clots, paralysis and neurological disorders, anaphylaxis and Bell’s Palsy. Thousands have died after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine (approximately 6,207 through July 19, according to VAERS). 

My daughter attends GECA. She lost her entire freshman year of in-person instruction. Now, she is forced to wear a mask six or seven hours a day, a mask that a recent Danish study shows has no measurable impact on preventing infection from Covid. Now, you so-called stewards of the students want to inoculate her forcibly with a rushed vaccine developed for election-year political considerations rather than go through the full R&D process. 

You should all be ashamed of yourselves and you will be held accountable. My daughter will be promptly withdrawn from GECA if you impose this dangerous mandate. Others will hold you legally liable for any serious side effects suffered by students who accept the vaccine.

You have been warned. Be prepared for litigation and recall if you take this reckless action.

Best regards,

Andrew Russo