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‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’: Creativity in another dimension

Camille Bounds

Creative, unique and inventive are understated adjectives when describing “Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.” The line “pushing the envelope” was made for this show, a production where the star is the award-winning costumes by Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner and a bus, which comes onstage and helps an out-of-the-box story unfold. Written by Stephen Elliott and Allan Scott, directed by Simon Phillips and choreography by Ross Coleman, this jukebox musical uses pop songs as its score and romps through a story that has great humor and – at times – heart-wrenching moments.
Consider that just about every possible surface is covered with sequins, colored lights, feathers and mirrors, and the show moves at a pace of Olympians racing for the gold.
Taken from the award-winning 1994 movie about three Australian drag queens on a road trip through the outback, it was originally produced in Australia and splashes onto the stage with energy, vigor and bawdy humor.
The show has some strong content and might not be for everyone, especially those who could be offended by the overall premise. Off-color language and blatant sexual situations are dispersed throughout the production. This is definitely not a show for children.
“Priscilla” desperately wants to please and takes the audience on a rowdy, bumpy ride.
Camille Bounds is the theatre, arts and special events editor for the Western Division of Sunrise Publications.