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Rob Bernosky: Hollister School District Trustee Area 4 candidate

Incumbent vies for second term in Area 4

Election 2016

Rob Bernosky comes from a family of teachers. The incumbent running for the Hollister School District Board of Trustees Area 4 seat, Bernosky has two daughters who are teachers, is married to a teacher and has a sister- and brother-in-law who are teachers.

Make no mistake: Bernosky supports and admires teachers and knows they’re vital in the education system. However, when it comes to the local school board issues, Bernosky knows there is another critical element at play.

Rob Bernosky

“The district has always been union dominant and I am more concerned with academic achievement than teacher enrichment,” he said. “In no way is that to mean I’m down on teachers, but our focus needs to be on student achievement. Rarely does a school board meeting go by where I do not remind my fellow school board members and administration and anyone else watching and participating that we are an academic institution first and foremost. Everyone knows I ask about measuring student achievement in every single meeting.”

Bernosky puts school safety and academics as the major issues facing the district, along with accountability and making wise decisions. Bernosky said he won’t hesitate to “keep the pressure on the school district overall” to weed out bad hires or to not make them in the first place. 

“No one is willing to step up to the plate and call those bad actors out and get them out of the system,” he said, referring to personnel who should not be teaching or overseeing the classroom. “I am not afraid to do that.”

Since being elected four years ago, Bernosky said he’s been a voice for parents on the school board and a watchdog in all areas. 

“I’ve been instrumental in solving problems and continue to make sure school district finances are being well managed,” he said. “We’ve done hundreds of thousands of dollars of developer fees that were never given to us, but I was able to figure that out and get the school to litigate and succeed out of court. Similarly, our cash balance has been out of whack and I was able to get that corrected to the benefit of all the school districts in San Benito County.”