Creations on canvas

ARTI-Culture’s holds its monthly paint party downtown

Rolan Resendiz assists Cindy Benzon and her children, Mimi, 10, and Austin, 3 during ARTI-culture’s monthly family painting event.

Cindy Benzon and her children Mimi, 10, and Austin, 3, are no strangers to ARTI-Culture events and classes. So, they wouldn’t have missed its monthly Mommy/Daddy & Me Paint Party Saturday, March 3, which boasted nearly 50 attendees.

“It keeps getting bigger,” said ARTI-Culture supporter and volunteer Rolan Resendiz of the event held the second Saturday of each month.

“We are very humbled and grateful that we have this opportunity and we want to give back,” he said.

Resendiz said his partner and owner of ARTI-Culture, Joel Esqueda, was determined to provide a platform for everyone to access the arts and since December 2016 ARTI-Culture has been collaborating with local businesses to engage people in the community who many have not been exposed to art.

“It’s a great way to bond with your child and spend a Saturday afternoon,” Resendiz said.

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