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April 12, 2024

Tag: Frank Barragan

Strada Verde project still in limbo

Despite recent attention due to sign removal case, project not moving forward

Letter to the editor: County should deny Strada Verde project

Open letter to the San Benito County Board of Supervisors: As you know, the Strada Verde development application is back in front of you. This...

Citizens seek no-build buffer around TriCal

Arguing that county officials and an out-of-town developer have ignored the voice of the voters over the last two years, a group of local...

Opinion: Node protesters keep losing; Covid-19 excuses

Instead of starting with the whole viral structure, this vaccine takes a single protein, the one responsible for the coronavirus spikes. This is a single RNA protein that programs for a single matching DNA protein. Since RNA brings a message to DNA, it is called the messenger.

Strada Verde developer spends big on Measure N

The developer of the 2,777-acre Strada Verde Specific Plan commercial development proposal has earmarked nearly $900,000 to promote a “Yes” vote on the Nov. 3 ballot measure that would allow the project to move forward.