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May 20, 2024

Tag: San Benito High football team

McBride a stalwart on the line

In any one game, Eugene McBride could play any one of three positions—nose guard, tackle or end—on the defensive line. The responsibilities are different...

Navarro a big-time playmaker

Stevan Navarro started the season as a fourth-string running back. But the San Benito High junior now finds himself in a starring role in...

Gonzalez makes his family proud

Jonny Gonzalez was a sophomore starting fullback two years ago when a serious infection, trench mouth, forced him to miss two games—along with his...

Wilson, Balers know how to take a hit

Late in last Friday’s blowout loss to Salinas, Slade Wilson attempted to reach the end zone for a 2-point conversion. Before Wilson got to...

Balers face off against Los Gatos

Coming off a bye week, the San Benito High football team faces a tough Los Gatos squad in what amounts to be an early...

On the field, Mendoza does it all

Before the season started, San Benito High football coach Bryan Smith said Adam Mendoza’s name will be called early and often. It only took...