Several people have inquired about the chip (or pitch) and run
Several people have inquired about the chip (or pitch) and run shot.

If my ball is up close to the green and I choose not to putt, I will select a 7-iron. If I lie further away from the green, I might use one of my wedges. But the shots are the same.

If you leave the face of the club square to your line and position it in the center or forward in your stance, you stand the risk of too much spin on the ball. Hence, it will stop before reaching the hole.

Try placing the ball back in your stance and slightly closing the club face. Then, instead of a straight-back and straight-through stroke, take the club slightly inside on the take-away. This stroke will give the ball a slight hook spin which will cause it to release or run forward rather than spin and stop. It’s very easy to control after you have practiced it a few times.

For more tips on your short game, see your local PGA or LPGA golf professional.

Pat Larkin is a Class A golf professional based at San Juan Oaks Golf Club in San Juan Bautista. His column appears every other week in the Free Lance. E-mail him at [email protected].

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