Traffic near R.O. Hardin School stops as students cross the parking lot onto campus in this file photo.

The Hollister Police Department surveyed all the local schools about three weeks ago and is looking to find solutions that would enhance traffic safety.
Police Chief David Westrick said the department has received complaints from parents who are upset about a lack of parking opportunities near schools – and related citations handed down for the infractions. But the department also is hearing from parents who are upset about drivers parking illegally in red zones or otherwise.
Westrick spoke about the city’s response in light of a complaint from parent Dana Leisinger. She talked during the city council’s public comment period earlier this month – noting how it is difficult to find parking when picking up or dropping off students – and asked for the city’s help in solving the problem.
Westrick said the engineering department was planning to examine the school areas to see if they can come up with any solutions and that police are working with the superintendent’s office to “mitigate whatever issues they might have as well.”
He said he expected to have everything he needs to move forward in a couple of weeks.
“I kind of see it from both ends,” Westrick said. “I want to be able to allow parents to pick up their kids, to be safe.”

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