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A cursory reading of headlines—Beer Brawl, Mine Report Released, Candidates “Pull papers”—would make our town appear as a rough and tumble frontier mining town, which we know is not the case but others think otherwise.

The others I have in mind are those who want to use our John Smith Landfill as an open pit for neighboring waste. The reality is that Santa Clara County, Monterey County and Santa Cruz County do not allow more trash dumping in their counties but San Benito County is wide open for dumping trash; therefore, money can be made here. Dollar signs drip from their contracts.  

Refuse, waste, garbage, cast-offs are big money. Certain things are upsetting like out-of-towners paying less for dumping than locals. The point is that we need to disallow this profit making at our expense.

The others are the developers who want to build endlessly. It is not only houses—it is developing the “nodes,” so called because they are located away from town near the highways.  These developers, construction trade owners and real estate businesses want for their own use our resources like land, water, roads and sewer.  

Shrinking agriculture will provide enormous profits to these businesses. We will be left with a reduced economy, less water, more air pollution, heavy road use and incessant demands on county staff.

The good news is that we county residents can take back our precious county. We can promote our real economy, our agriculture, scenic views, wine and Pinnacles National Park. These attractions, which other cities do not own, provide tax revenue while preserving our natural resources, unique location and environment.

Our power is in our hands. We can vote in November. Our initiative is called, “Let the voters decide.”  

Please stay vigilant and informed as big money is already sending mailings. 

Mary Zanger


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