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April 15, 2024

Exit exams are real in ’06

With San Benito High School and Anzar students hitting the books

South Valley Shows its Heart

The Gulf Coast, just barely in the first stages of recovering

Let Fly With Airport Plan

We're glad to see the City Council moving forward with a plan to

Getting Ahead of Pot Growers

We applaud the proactive approach local law enforcement is

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Chasing Money Out of Town

School districts should study consolidation

The Hollister School District, faced with a $800,000 shortfall

Two Great Ideas, Can They Work Together?

Creating a new space for boys and girls to play and engage in

Completing 25 Bypass Key to Downtown

After months of delay, the Council of Governments, the county's

Don’t Cheapen SBHS Diplomas

In a world where a high school diploma has decreasing relevance

Council is making economic progress

After a slow start, the Hollister City Council is making