Panetta promotes local grant win

San Benito Health Foundation received $1.8 million

File photo

Congressman Jimmy Panetta announced Monday that the San Benito Health Foundation received a federal grant of $1.8 million.

The foundation received $1,806,177 from the US Department of Health and Human Services, according to a press release dated August 7. Santa Cruz County received $1,231,719 from the same grant program.

“Community health centers and clinics are integral to our region’s health care system,” Panetta said in the press release. “These funds will help San Benito and Santa Cruz health centers to continue to provide their patients with quality health education and preventative services, and to promote healthy lifestyles.”

Funding for the grants comes from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Health Center Cluster grant program, which distributes Affordable Care Act funding to community health centers around the country. According to the press release, the purpose of the Fiscal Year 2017 health center program awards is to ensure continued access to comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary health care services for communities and vulnerable populations currently served by the health care program.

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