Dear Editor:

Well, I never thought this day would actually arrive.

One of the recommendations of the 1999-2000 San Benito County Grand Jury, ( of which I was a member, will finally come to pass.

The Board of Supervisors is to be congratulated for its selection of an outside vendor to collect the way-too-long overdue monies owed to the courts.

Why the court could not ensure fines and fees were paid was and is beyond me. Hopefully much of the monies can be collected and put to good uses.

Holding deadbeats and scofflaws accountable will soon be the rule not the exception – I hope.

It seems to me some integrity and credibility will be returned to the courts as well.

For far too long, convicted criminals have laughed at our courts and criminal justice system. Now they will get their just desserts. Maybe convicted criminal deadbeats will be made to pay the restitution the court has ordered as well.

It is unfortunate that these deadbeats will only be held to pay essentially as if they didn’t make their car payments. I’d like to see them thrown in jail or do community service equal to the fines-fees they never got around to paying – even after they agreed to.

Congrats Board! It’s about time.

Andy Rollins


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