Sunday, June 23 dawned another glorious day in San Benito County. 

In the south, the Saddle Horse Show (a LEGACY of the wide-open ranches of historical times) was gearing up for its annual display of traditional horsemanship. To the north, tree branches were bending under the weight of ripe fruit. 

Protect San Benito members, neighbors and friends gather in the early morning and pick cherries to donate to the local Community Food Bank. Buckets were passed and filled. Over several weeks, 1,800 pounds of cherries were donated. Jeremy, from the Food Bank remarked how much the patrons enjoy cherries. 

San Benito County is: 

• home to ancient indigenous peoples’ sites. 

• one of few corridors for wildlife that move from coastal to inland habitats. 

• BROAD FLOODPLAINS protecting farms and homes from flooding counties to the west. 

• its large concentration of organic farms. 

• the rugged beauty of the Diablo Mountain Range along the east. 

All are worth preserving. 

The county was home to numerous BLENHEIM apricot orchards, now lost to housing developments. Urban sprawl will be the death of San Benito County unless future growth is slowed. 

San Benito County STILL offers a quieter quality of life (IN SPITE OF THE frustration of traffic congestion AND over-building). If you, too, value this rural life, please help Protect San Benito County. Go to to learn more about us AND OUR UPCOMING CITIZEN’S INITIATIVE. 

Join us in our fight to KEEP THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTY RURAL! 

And remember, next time you buy cherries at the local farmer’s market, those cherries may have been grown in San Benito County. Don’t let the cherry trees go the way of the apricot trees. 


Fallon Greig 


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  1. We’re a county of greater size than Santa Clara county, with only 65,000 residents. I think it’s safe to say that we’re not in any danger of over populating the area in the near future.
    On top of that, there’s this little issue with a state mandated number of new units that need to be permitted or proposed by a certain time period, or the county will be spending it’s hard earned money on fines, not fixes.
    You can complain every day about the housing, but your time would be better spent helping the local government decide how to face the coming challenges head on rather than denying that they’re coming at all. Growth is coming, it’s been mandated and isn’t something that can be ignored. Why not come up with a plan to provide ideas for this growth rather than rail against the losing cause that is fighting the state mandates?
    Housing is going to increase, or our tax dollars are going to be wasted paying fines. I, for one, would rather that money go to expand and repair roads than to just hand it over to the state because we can’t follow direction.
    Our county is huge (as I’ve said), and you’re making the same argument they make about 130 years ago in the San Jose area…”we’re rural agricultural land, why is all of this building happening?” It’s called progress, and we’re in the path of that progress. Just like San Jose was, just like Morgan Hill was, and just like Gilroy is. I’m not saying we’ll ever be that populated, because it’s still a pain to get to Hollister, and the new highway 25/101 interchange seems poised to make it worse. But that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to attract builders and buyers, just because we’re a “more affordable alternative” to those other areas.
    We’re going to continue to grow, maybe be part of the solution to the housing that’s coming instead of the person tilting at windmills.

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