Dear Editor:

I manage an apartment complex in Hollister, and when walking the grounds inspecting, I noticed a political poster in a tenant’s window facing the street.

I asked the tenant to please remove the poster. We do not allow political advertisement. Evidently, the tenant called the party on the poster because the next morning, early, he was at my door with his pamphlet on which he had written and signed a note asking me to re-consider allowing placement of his campaign poster i the tenant’s window.

I’m not sure if it was the look on my face or my reply that made him then say, “Well, I’m looking into this and if you’re wrong, I’ll sue you. This is America and we have the right of free choice.”

Yes, Randy Pfeifer, we all have the right to choose and as manager, I choose to not allow political advertising on the complex property. If the tenant wants to help you with your campaign, that’s fine, but he can’t place any political posters or advertisements on complex property.

I was born in California 73 years ago. I registered to vote when I turned 21. I have lived in Hollister-San Benito County for 56 years, never missed an election and I do believe in the freedoms given us by our founding fathers.

If the issue over one poster sets you off, then you’re not the type of person we need on our City Council.

We don’t need another I, me or my person. We need people who think first and then act – people who listen to those living in their district and who will act in the best interest for everyone, not just for two or three.

I’m sorry, Pfeifer just doesn’t cut the mustard for me.

Barbara Silva,


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