Students in the YMCA afterschool programs collected items to donate to Jacob's Heart, a nonprofit that helps children with cancer.

The San Benito County Office of Education named the 2012 Teachers of the Year in April. Once a year, the Office of Education recognizes the hard work and dedication of one educator from each school in the county. This year’s recipients are listed below:

Aromas School

Lara de Guzman

San Juan School

Julie Castañeda-Hicks

Anzar High School

Victoria Morris Braithwaite

Ladd Lane School

Blanca Garza

R. O. Hardin School

Elena Hatchett

Marguerite Maze Middle School

Roxanne Lino

Rancho San Justo Middle School

Lisa Jelinek

Gabilan Hills School

Tami Ortiz

Sunnyslope School

Caroline Barminski

Cerra Vista School

Debbie Benitez

Calaveras School

Jenny Molina

Hollister Dual Language Academy

Deanna Lane

Accelerated Achievement Academy

Susan Bessette

North County Joint Union School District

Barry Marshall

San Benito High School District

Elizabeth Pulcheon

Amateur Radio provides support for Sea Otter Classics

The Amateur Radio Operators, also called HAMS, practiced communication skills they would use in the event of an emergency during the Sea Otter Classics in Monterey County. The event from April 19-22 brought in more than 10,000 athletes and 50,000 spectators for the cycling event.

Helping the cyclists along the cross-country Fort Ord public lands routes and the gran fondo Carmel Valley route were 29 amateur radio operators. Volunteers offered more than 600 volunteer hours working on the communications plan to provide communication for cyclists in areas with no cellular coverage. To find out about becoming an amateur radio operator or joining the San Benito County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, visit

YMCA kids collect for Jacob’s Heart

The YMCA after-school programs collected more than 200 items to donate to Jacob’s Heart, a nonprofit that provides services for children with cancer. The collection was part of the YMCA’s monthly service-learning project.

Hollister FFA makes showing at state conference

Hollister FFA had a positive and rewarding experience at the 84th Annual State FFA Leadership Conference. San Benito High School students received scholarships and served on committees at the annual event.

Kellie Mancino

• $1000 State FFA Scholarship Winner (Mabel W. Jacks Memorial Scholarship)

• $250 Cal Poly – CFFA Scholarship

Hannah Bianchi

• State Proficiency Winner for Beef Production Placement

Brian Tobias

• Served as an Overall Committee Chair (Courtesy Corps) for the delegate process

• Installed as 2012-13 South Coast Region FFA Vice President

Russell Tobias

• Served as a Sub-Committee Chair (Banquet Corps) for the delegate process

Hannah Bianchi

• Served as a Sub-Committee Chair (Star Counselor Award) for the delegate process

Haydon Hoffman & Matt Hawk

• Official Voting Delegates

Brian Snyder

• State FFA Officer Candidate

Hollister FFA

• Superior Chapter Award

Cal-SOAP scholarship recipients

San Benito High School students involved in the Cal-SOAP program, which helps students from low-income families or those who are the first in their families to attend college, shared the names of local high school students who received scholarships as well as students already in college who had their scholarships renewed:

Students with scholarship renewals:

Goudge, Jimmy Anzar Cal Poly SLO

Aguilar, Adrian San Benito Gavilan College

Alcala, Sergio SBHS UCDavis

Alvarado Guerrero, Maria SBHS UCLA

Alvarez, Mayra SBHS CSU Stanislaus

Arriaga, Sahira SBHS Gavilan College

Avila, Sandra SBHS UCSC

Bonilla, Marilu SBHS CSU Stanislaus

Castaneda, Patricia SBHS SDSU

Cervantes, Jessica SBHS Gavilan College

Chavez , Margarita SBHS CSUMB

Contreras, Sergio SBHS UOP

Cruz, Lizbeth SBHS Gavilan College

DeCastro, Ana SBHS CSU Sacramento

Gutierrez, Ruth SBHS CSUMB

Llamas, Carina SBHS UCDavis

Lorenzana, Christelle SBHS Santa Clara University

Medina, Cristal SBHS SDSU

Medina, Francisco SBHS California Lutheran

Mendoza, Estefani SBHS Gavilan College

Oates, Jacob SBHS CSUMB

Ramirez, Alejandra SBHS CSUMB

Renteria Vargas, Eugenia SBHS CSUMB

Roveri Valentina, SBHS ucla

Salazar , Cindy SBHS Gavilan College

Salazar, Alexandra SBHS CSU Easy Bay

Salinas, Cyrena SBHS CSULA

Soto Hurtado, Maria SBHS CSUMB

Torres, Jennifer SBHS Gavilan College

Vasquez, Bianca SBHS Cal Poly SLO

Yerena, Sandra SBHS CSU Fresno

New scholarship recipients:

Espinoza, Jessica Anzar Gavilan

Ojeda, Joel SBHS SJSU

Abonce, Elissa SBHS 2 or 4 year

Alvarez, Sergio SBHS Cal Poly SLO

Aquino, Nohami SBHS Gavilan

Barraza, Alyssa SBHS Gavilan

Cerda, Juan SBHS CSUMB

Contreras, Adriana SBHS 4 year

Cortez, Carlos SBHS 4 year

Espinoza, Cristal SBHS CSU Stanislaus

Espinoza, Jennifer SBHS fresno state

Espinoza, Perla SBHS CSU Stanislaus

Galvan, Cristian SBHS Gavilan

Gonzalez, Corina SBHS 4 year

Hernandez, Cesar SBHS UCLA

Hernandez, Margarita SBHS 4 year

Lezama, Francisco SBHS Gavilan

Lopez, Monica SBHS 4 year

Martinez, Gabriela SBHS CSUMB

Martinez, Ximena SBHS 4 year

Mora Martinez, Alma SBHS Gavilan

Munoz, Areli SBHS CSU Fresno

Navarrete, Vincent SBHS 4 year

Navarro, Eduardo SBHS pepperdine

Navarro Acosta, Martin SBHS santa clara university

Ocampo, Marcos SBHS 4 year

Rangel, Dayana SBHS 4 year

Rodriguez, Melissa SBHS 4 year

Rojas, Estefania SBHS Gavilan

Sanchez, Yuliana SBHS UCD

Serrano, Violeta SBHS SJSU

Vasquez, Omar SBHS San Francisco City College


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