Dear Editor:

Will electing Pauline Valdivia and Peggy Corrales to another term as Hollister City Council members be good or bad?

For Hollister taxpayers it will be bad.

Corrales and Valdivia say the time for blame is over, but their recent voting pattern of passing on to LAFCO more annexation requests for building while they know Hollister does not have the infrastructure to support it shows differently.

Corrales sits as a board member on LAFCO and has voted “yes” every time to annex property for the 677 home West of Fairview Project.

Valdivia wants to pull together on the issues rather than dwell on past mistakes.

Their actions prove they have not learned from their mistakes. One must wonder where Valdivia and Corrales have been for the last four years as our infrastructure was crumbling under their watch.

What makes it worse is when they blindly talk about the need to work together and see how they can overcome the obstacles. It’s laughable.

Valdivia and Corrales helped create the obstacles that have become the hallmark of the Hollister City Council.

Members of WATCHDOG

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