Even a "manly man" can enjoy looking over a vast stretch of land that features wildflowers of every color. A trip to the Sierra foothills along the San Joaquin River will allow you to take in such a sight.

Ron Erskine has tackled more than just the comprehensive hiking guide seen on this page. Learn more about best places for the outdoorsman (or woman) to walk your dog, how to volunteer and more.

Volunteering at Coe Park: Benefits of volunteering at a park

Finding Your Landscape: What terrain is for you?

Walking with your dog

Summer stars: Learn the summer night sky

Spirit in Nature: Spiritual connection with nature

Getting back safely: Know the terrain

Wisdom in nature

Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving under the stars

Learn to Backpack: A class for outdoor skills

Percieving the Wild: Achieving a deep connection with nature

Love in the Rockies: A backpack trip leads to a special marriage

Solace in Nature: Finding peace after a tragic loss

Ultralight Backpacking: New and lighter backpacking equipment

Getting out without getting away: Seeing natures beauty in your neighborhood

Nature photography: Thoughts on outdoor photography

Getting Thanksgiving: More thoughts on being grateful

Winter stars: Learning the winter stars

Big adventure: Consider a big adventure. You can do it.

County Parks Junior Ranger Program: Kids need contact with nature

Five favorite wildflower trails: Best local spring wildflower trails

The Ultimate Peak: Everest Trekking to Everest

Early Sierra Explorers: Stories of the first Sierra explorers

Coe is Open Private funds keep: Coe open during budget crisis

Mountain Sickness: Measures to ease the affects of altitude sickness

Backcountry dangers: The dangers are down here, not up there

Glacier National Park: Unsurpassed scenery on the continental divide

Gates of the Mountains: Montana’s scenic beauty on the path of Lewis and Clark

Bozeman Montana: Hip town near a great outdoor playground

Exploring Fall: Outings to fall’s attractions

Crater Lake: A drive and a walk above a jewel

William Keith and John Muir: A visit to the Oakland Museum

Orienteering: Events to navigate in the woods

San Miguel de Allende: Central Mexican town full of art and colonial architecture

Four Hikes for holiday guests: Four local hikes for everyone

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Ron Erskine is a local outdoors columnist and avid hiker. Visit him online at www.RonErskine.com, his blog at www.WeeklyTramp.com or email him at [email protected].


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