Dear Editor:

Four years ago Peggy Corrales campaigned for slower growth, but yet Corrales has continued voting “yes” requesting LAFCO’s OK to annex property for the 677 homes West of Fairview Project.

Two years ago Pauline Valdivia said it could take up to 10 years for Hollister to have a new sewage treatment facility, but yet, Valdivia recently voted “yes” requesting LAFCO’s OK to annex property for a different housing project.

Honesty and truthfulness has not been a benchmark of this city council. In one breath Valdivia and Corrales say they must control growth because Hollister’s sewage treatment facility has met its capacity and in another breath vote “yes” for more development to overload the existing sewage facility.

During the last four years Corrales and Valdivia sat quietly on the Council while raw sewage backs up in peoples’ homes, sewage erupts from manholes, and people living on the west side of town must endure the terrible stink coming from the sewage ponds.

After four years mistakes, Valdivia and Corrales say it is time for the city and community to pull together and not dwell on those past mistakes.

However, people pointing out those mistakes, honestly disagreeing and criticizing the city council for mismanagement is called “bashing” by City Council members. Again, this only shows our present City Council has no intention of changing the way they treat the citizens of Hollister.

The call for City Council members resignation has not gone unwarranted. The present Council is costing Hollister taxpayers dearly through fines, lawsuits and loss of revenue. Decisions by this Council have put health and safety of the community on the back burner.

This Council is out of touch with the people they represent.

After four years, words from Corrales and Valdivia are meaningless and their mistakes have become very costly for Hollister taxpayers. Hopefully the people see through the smoke and mirrors in rejecting Corrales and Valdivia by voting for a more “common sense” City Council.

The people of Hollister must come first at City Hall, not the developers. Hollister cannot afford another four years of Valdivia and Corrales’ “mistakes.”

Please vote for the health, safety and future of Hollister. Vote for Randy Pfeifer, District 3 and Robbie Scattini District 2.

Paul Grannis,


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